My simple and adventurous life

My simple and adventurous life

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Many confessions...............

Finally.............come back to the blog i used to..............So long already since my last post was the 1st day drive to school with full of passion . ( But now is become boring....1st confession . )

Ok, as everybody knows , i think , i , Oyster ,have a G-I-R-L-F-R-I-E-N-D !!!!!! Haha ! i think (2nd confession ) she is small , tiny , cute , and.............. white . hahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahahahah , i think again ! I think many of you knew is who already ..... to my friends who din't know , try to guess who is "she",or "it"( coz she is a GARFIELD )

For the 3rd confession, that is.......... SPM is hard !!!!!!!! Haha , everybody knews that ! At least not for my classmates who all came up at the first 30 minutes during SEJARAH paper 2 , ecexpt for the "pro" in my class . With my calculations ,35 students out of 42 of 5 Setians went out before the end of the paper, and 2 of them came out at early of the exam and............. i'm the first ( 4th confession ).But at least i finish the paper ! Ok , maybe is not finish, but 3/4 the paper . hahaha .

5th and last confession, i'm graduated ! It feels so sad when want to leave the school , espiacially when you have memories in it . Like how smelly the toilet is , how "noob" all of us when attending PJK'sand many more ......... HAIZ.... so sad !

Thats all i think

Monday, November 2, 2009

1st day drive 2 school..

Today is my 1st day driev to school, unlike other day i had to wake up very early ( 5.15a.m ) coz the bus will " run "away ( based on my memories, i had been " dumb " by bus for 5 times in 4 years...WTF ?! ) so today i can wake up very 5.35 pm . It means i have more 30 minutes to dream about my beautiful GF ! ( Coz she din't come for 2 days .. so miss her....... )

So , after ate the breakfast made from my mama . (this is rare b'coz she only wakes up after 7 a.m . Seems like everybody is worried about me ......... ) pray to the god ,had some advise from her . I started to DRIVE !!!!!!!

The highway is very smooth today , but many lories on the way espiacialy the 1 with contena . So i had to drive very carefully the speed of 90 km/h ! And gracefully, i " survived "at the highway and went to the exit . But the situation gets very chaos.......

After i get out of the exit tol , they was "a little" traffic jam , thism is the moment where i spent most of the time here. And after 10 minutes , i managed to " escaped " from the jam and went to my favorite road : the road with many "S" corner ! My father used to said that this road can determined wether the driver is good as him or......bad as me !

The "S" corner is very easy and after that is almost reach to the school .But befors that i had to get through a small moutain which is my scariest part b'coz i used to fail in the JPJ's test b'coz of the moutain.... And i tried to get relax 1st before i drive onto the moutain .1st gear ,put clutch go, pull clucth ,2nd gear ,put clucth go .I follow this steps and "sucessfully '' get through the moutain ! Yes !

After that is a simple straight road with some corner . Its easy until the entry of the school , the corner is very narrow and i had to brake the car slowly....After that is the road with many BUMPER ...... its very easy until a bus is stop at the corner coz had to pick the students .Haiz..........After that , hello S.M.K Chan Wa !!!!!!

Thats all the 1 st day driveto school... its very enjoying..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I can drive to school lllllllllll finally..........

Finally , after 3 months of pratice (not including after i drive with my fat daddy ) ,spend more than 1 tank of petrol ( not including after i got the license.. ) spend over RM860, ( not including tol fee..... ) I-can- D-R-I-V-E DRIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to school !!!!!!!! yeah !!

After all, i can't manage to get to this level without all the person who helped me : 1st; the ''angry sensei '' ,2nd , my fat daddy , 3rd, my handsome brother ( belive me , he is handsome than me................inn dream !!!!!!!) withou them , until today i'm still a noob whom dun know how to drive ! THANK U!!!!!

And not forget my short short mama who is wiling to " lend " her Proton Saga to me. I dun know wether i can drive it without crashing it 2moro but i will sure 1 thing : Our house will have a new car ! Its also a Proton Saga but is a new version with metalic silver colour . Imagine it yourself.....

Have a car with me will be a great news coz: i can bring my GF to anyway ! HAHA ! I think y'all know is who already.......

Lastly , thank u 4 all who support me when i still learning how to drive. Espiacially the 1 who " play-fool '' at me . YA !i'm saying you ! Big Brother!