My simple and adventurous life

My simple and adventurous life

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Almost Done

Yes! 1 more paper and i will be free!! totally free!! ( not really ).After that i will go back seremban.... find some medicine,....( maybe doctor ) to cure my flu and cough. then go back my hometown .maybe just play basketball for whole emester break!!!!

Its has been 4 months since the 1st semester started nut it feels so fast, still can't forget went 1st time meet with my classmates (although ome of them i can't manage to talk to them due to my shameness, sorry~) but i still remeber you all, thank u DBU2~~

Now, about the things to do during semester break, man, its lot like a hill..... here i will just how few of them la!!

1) watch "VAMPIRE SUCKS " (shyuan, don't angry... )
2)practice basketball....
3) clean my room and my KL's room
4) help my mom!! (nesesary!! )

that's all i think. so SEM-BREAK! I'M COMING!!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome back 2

Hai..i'm back again....

Time to Continue the story..........

Where did i stop? Ya ! The basketball moment!

Playing basketball at here were truly different compare to hometown. At hometown, i played to improve my skills . avoid being lose , avoid being yelled by my "sifu". (for those who knew me since secondary school, my sifu is "MAO GUA" ) But at here, we played just for fun, that why i almost fight with every1 , since i played at here. LOL.....

My class ?, hahaha well, my class have many pretty ladies and handsome guy, fortunately i'm not the handsome 1, they came from many places, , for example : SEKINCHAN, BUTTERWORTH and so on, but its really hard to find those who love basketball , except 2 guys, haiz...... but nevermind, sure will discover more.( * i become boss again..............)

wait for part

Saturday, July 17, 2010

welcome back.

Yo every 1. its me oyster again in the blog...

Haiz. so long din't update the blog until i forgotten , until being INFORM by strawberry just now . TQ! ( BUT DON'T EXPECT ME GIVE U THE WAGE... )

Haiz, where should i started from? ok! From the day i enter the college! i study at TARC right now, study BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( SOME KIND OF MANAGEMENT) . Met many new friends, all were handsome guy and pretty ladies. Unlike me the " OTAKU IN SPORTS " but still found some person who really know how to play it, hmm............ looks like i can learn some skils from them.!

Haiz, the subject is almost silmilar what i learnt during secondary school. except 2 things :
1) in english
2) i become better in account, no more FAIL!!!!

Haiz, meanwhile..... i stayed with my big bro in a apartment , i just realised 1 thing: he din't wash the " LANGSIR " for 2 years.... haiz................the housemates all very kind and easy to get through, maybe i'm too friendly with that.. no show off...

Haiz. the life at here almost same as last few years: study at morning, BASKETBALL-ING in the evening.

Gotta go now. will have PART 2 in few more months..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

YES ! "GRUADUATED" from working!

Finally, after 4 months working like cow (and get 3 months salary ), 8 hours non-stop heartbeat pumping blood in high speed (including 1 and1/2 hours "ULAR"ing ). I, Oyster Chan Chiun Hau finally "PECAT MYSELF" !! Not actually fire myself. Just resign earlier coz want to start my colledge ( which just a reason to "ULAR" )

These 4 months i got many friends actually is more like REUNION coz everytime school holiday i will become the 1st VOLUNTEER to work at there...but everytime have some rookie in there so, had to connect with them in order to make my job easy. (which means give my job to let them do a.k.a ULAR )

these for months i lost a friend (contract end) he is my senior since i worked as partime worker during 2007.very sad when i have to drive him to LCCT that day...haiz..

Nevertheless, job has to be done. So from the day he go back to Vietnam,i become the leader of packing team since i had the "OLDEST" working experiance at there... they can trust a HEARTBREAKER+ JOKER SEA-LIVING ORGANISM to become leader (more to NO RAISE TO MY SALALRY )

So, want or not, i become "temporary" leader there.....haiz..but soon i hand over to other foreign worker cause he can handle it already ( ULAR~~~~ )then is my show time!!

i started working as crazy as i can . evryday singing...later the workers also singing their own country song...everyday like that.. and at the end, they all get warning to cut salary for not

working serious but i din't wahahahah. the condition last until yesterday as i tell them i working last day....lolz.. they all very sad coz they don't have friend share out their felling anymore..

haiz...nevermind. i will always remember u all ....thank u for teaching me how to ULAR during working........

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM results...

Wahaha ! Today is the SPM result day !!!! ( Can't believe i still laughing ) . Saw many people very excited and worry, wonder why,why they don't just " HAPPY GO LUCKY " like CRAZY man...then the world will always happy forever and ever...... wahahahahahahahahaah!

Today is little bit of tired , coz have to took mama go hospital. Just to BOOK a date to do treatment.But all the workers they like turtle. Work very slow i stay there for almost 2 hours.!(8,30a.m~1015a.m )come on ! work faster a bit then they will be lesser people die!!!!!!! Make me feels so sleepy..

And then situation worst ..............

My mama wants to go Bank too!!! but she din't tell me...HAIZ..OLD i have too drive fast, langgar some red light(almost ) and arrive the bank at 10.30. when she finish her work is almost 11 already..So, i drive very fast again , arrive the school at 11. I though that the result come out already... but LEMON SAID:"BELUM LAGI" WHAT THE ................

Then, my mama wants to go back working. So without any choice, i had to bring her back and come back again......and by the time i back to school, is 12.12 already.. all person get inside already, no 1 wait for me..

So, with very curious about my result , i ran into school, saw many person with different faces, some are cry, some were smiling..that makes me wanna too shouting..and by the time my the call my name , i think is my time to die....

i going towards the table , saw a result paper , with many E's, i feel like i want to cry...coz i think thats mine.then i saw it took by some1, then i just realise that is not mine....haiz..what the hell!

Then i saw mine ( REAL ) , i saw:BM :B+

the results seems too shock to me , espiacially akaun coz .. I ALWAYS FAIL........



Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'M back! but not for long........

Wao! It has being a long time since i "FORGET " to upload my blog.......Sorry guys....

OK! since i just come back, i have no idea what to wote something that will maybe be last post: SPM result and my life after school.

My life after school is kind of......................SAME ! everyday woke up aqt 7.50 a.m .Eat ,shower and play computer for a while and go for work ACCUARATELY at 9a.m! after that back to home to eat lunch at before1.30p.m go back working after 2 and working until 7p.m. DAMN....can't belive i have CONTINUE doing this process for 3 months. This is more BORED that study, at least i have many folks to chit-chat at school!!!! here, only have some FOREIGN WORKERS who always talking BROKEN ENGLISH to me ...haiz..

3 months, is very fast since us leave the school ,now still miss everyday woke up early to go to school , met my PIG FRIENDS, see how teacher scold students.. haiz.... nowadays i still woke up at 6 am ,to see th school bus going through in front of my house, then continue sleeping (CRAZY OYSTER ! ) feel that i still a students , not an adult .....everytime i wake up, wish that i'm still dreaming , become a students,but what i see is :breakfast brought by mother with a note "DON'T FORGET TO WORK" .

Sometimes i think: why don't just die ? is better. at least no need to think what should do, what should't .....

ok, thats all coz idon't know what to write anymore...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This days very boring.. so i think i got nothing to wrote."UNFORTUNATELY" somebody din't think like that and leave "HER " feels at my C-BOX . So,prevent to be a '' LAZY GUY " i have to find something to write.....

So, where do i find? thinking...........thinking... ya! my house Recently my mama is like getting "lucky draw" first, buy car, then.........................ENLARGE THE HOUSE ! The story started at last month,when my mom said that :" our house is too small " after 3 days (this sunday) she bring a guy to took a look at my house and after 2 hours discusssion , my mama and papa had agree to ........................take down the kitchen and enlarge the dining room..!

What ?!

It means no kitchen in the house for 1 weeks at least ? luckily after 2 days the working ,the kitchen is still there.. but don't know can last for how long...........

And now my work...

i worked at my uncle's factory at Senawang, its a ........................manufactoring factory which! Not the net to cach fish ,is the net to wrapping is rarely found in Malaysia coz it export to outside contry like Japan , USA,Europe.... and my job? paking the net ..... sounds easy but it doesn't like that .i only work at there for 2 weeks and my backbone is hurt already......

Anyway, the condition is good,the workers there is like my friend since i already 'worked" for 2 years part time at there...we always talk a lot. but more like ' 鸡同鸭讲 ' They always said wrong some words ,like SCISSORS, they will say:" CUTTER'' , if somethings wrong, they will said :"XXX (someone's name) got problem !" it always make my head spin.........

Thats all i think. enough to prove to somebody that i'm not lazy

....that's the net(the roll) it only got 10 metre,我妈。。。。。。