My simple and adventurous life

My simple and adventurous life

Sunday, April 18, 2010

YES ! "GRUADUATED" from working!

Finally, after 4 months working like cow (and get 3 months salary ), 8 hours non-stop heartbeat pumping blood in high speed (including 1 and1/2 hours "ULAR"ing ). I, Oyster Chan Chiun Hau finally "PECAT MYSELF" !! Not actually fire myself. Just resign earlier coz want to start my colledge ( which just a reason to "ULAR" )

These 4 months i got many friends actually is more like REUNION coz everytime school holiday i will become the 1st VOLUNTEER to work at there...but everytime have some rookie in there so, had to connect with them in order to make my job easy. (which means give my job to let them do a.k.a ULAR )

these for months i lost a friend (contract end) he is my senior since i worked as partime worker during 2007.very sad when i have to drive him to LCCT that day...haiz..

Nevertheless, job has to be done. So from the day he go back to Vietnam,i become the leader of packing team since i had the "OLDEST" working experiance at there... they can trust a HEARTBREAKER+ JOKER SEA-LIVING ORGANISM to become leader (more to NO RAISE TO MY SALALRY )

So, want or not, i become "temporary" leader there.....haiz..but soon i hand over to other foreign worker cause he can handle it already ( ULAR~~~~ )then is my show time!!

i started working as crazy as i can . evryday singing...later the workers also singing their own country song...everyday like that.. and at the end, they all get warning to cut salary for not

working serious but i din't wahahahah. the condition last until yesterday as i tell them i working last day....lolz.. they all very sad coz they don't have friend share out their felling anymore..

haiz...nevermind. i will always remember u all ....thank u for teaching me how to ULAR during working........