My simple and adventurous life

My simple and adventurous life

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome back 2

Hai..i'm back again....

Time to Continue the story..........

Where did i stop? Ya ! The basketball moment!

Playing basketball at here were truly different compare to hometown. At hometown, i played to improve my skills . avoid being lose , avoid being yelled by my "sifu". (for those who knew me since secondary school, my sifu is "MAO GUA" ) But at here, we played just for fun, that why i almost fight with every1 , since i played at here. LOL.....

My class ?, hahaha well, my class have many pretty ladies and handsome guy, fortunately i'm not the handsome 1, they came from many places, , for example : SEKINCHAN, BUTTERWORTH and so on, but its really hard to find those who love basketball , except 2 guys, haiz...... but nevermind, sure will discover more.( * i become boss again..............)

wait for part

Saturday, July 17, 2010

welcome back.

Yo every 1. its me oyster again in the blog...

Haiz. so long din't update the blog until i forgotten , until being INFORM by strawberry just now . TQ! ( BUT DON'T EXPECT ME GIVE U THE WAGE... )

Haiz, where should i started from? ok! From the day i enter the college! i study at TARC right now, study BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( SOME KIND OF MANAGEMENT) . Met many new friends, all were handsome guy and pretty ladies. Unlike me the " OTAKU IN SPORTS " but still found some person who really know how to play it, hmm............ looks like i can learn some skils from them.!

Haiz, the subject is almost silmilar what i learnt during secondary school. except 2 things :
1) in english
2) i become better in account, no more FAIL!!!!

Haiz, meanwhile..... i stayed with my big bro in a apartment , i just realised 1 thing: he din't wash the " LANGSIR " for 2 years.... haiz................the housemates all very kind and easy to get through, maybe i'm too friendly with that.. no show off...

Haiz. the life at here almost same as last few years: study at morning, BASKETBALL-ING in the evening.

Gotta go now. will have PART 2 in few more months..