My simple and adventurous life

My simple and adventurous life

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bye bye my B-ball friends

So fast, 1 and 1/2 year is gone... what have i done this year? A lot, some of them is memorable, some of them din't. But 1 thing for sure is, i played basketball with some very funny, talented and PRO (ya, they pro than me. What can i say? i 放水 a lil bit~ XD)

I called them the EMO gang, the EMO gang consist of few member's so allow me to introduce some MAJOR character:

1st)Ikky Chan - My bro, much to introduce..we look alike..hahahahaha!
2nd)Colby Ng-Greatest player among us, a Kepong fella, Funny Guy,like to EMO too :p~
3rd) Reno Cheok-Another good friend in the gang, like to "Blow water".u can hear his voice
anytime when u played with
4th)Jerry Chong-A rich guy with big tummy (He said, that big tummy is his "patent"XD)
5th) MC Chong- A handsome guy with Korean look. he is the only guy i dont think he looks gay
just because he look like korean, ya, MC, u get my respect! lol..

Although they all older than me, but they all were very friendly. Well, some of them too "Over" friendly, (Ya, COLBY ,i'm talking bout u) we managed to cope together, play some very well and funny basketball. Though some time we lost, but we lost with honor coz we know what's the problem that cause us lose.We do enter some competition, although we lost,but we felt satisfied as Mr Colby said: play ball only.. dont injured yourself...

Besides playing basketball, we do go out for outing too.But i prefer when we play basketball, each of us got a role.Colby is the "Playmaker",my bro is the "Rebounder", Reno is the "talker",Jerry is the "shooter"and "supporter",MC is the "Defender" and "shooter"... me? i'm just Shooter la..hehe..the lame 1~~

And since they graduate this year, i guess i can't find a gang that is have such hilarious character, good skills and great personality anymore.So i will miss you guys , i will miss the sport carnival we joined, i will missed the 3 on 3 competition we played, i will missed Colby's lame joke and PRO skills,i will miss Reno that always said that i'm played very "LEMBU'' , i will miss everything we had. TT

You guys, do have a great Degree life in UK ah~~

(This post is dedicated to my b-ball friend, those i dint mention, i will remembered y'all too.dont worry :D)

L to R: Ikky,Tat Ming,Reno,Me,Jerry and Colby.Taken at Genting

The sport carnival at 25th july 2011,we lost~~
The 3-0n-3 contest .we advance to final 16!
Left :MC , Right : Reno

At the prom night...we look alike is it??
EMO gang rocks!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

crzay stats

1 year 1 post, i must be crazy~..will update more soon...