My simple and adventurous life

My simple and adventurous life

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

its 11 in the night

Like Arnold said in "The Expendables 2" :"I'm back !" with that deep and low voice, yea, its me again come back to share my stories to you all... :) ( who else do you think, its my blog anyway lol..)

This blog has been abandoned by me several months ago until recently a girl said :" hey, i just read your blog, its very awesome leh. ~" Lol... its like 安心亚telling me :" hey, you look very nice, can we be a friend ? " SHOCKED! 

Anyway, enough of lame jokes, just sharing my thoughts toward this few month, i can only conclude with 4words: Everyone Help Each Other. why? take an examples of NBA ( oh yeah~ my favorite) , every team is gather superstars for their team. When i said "SUPERSTARS" i meant Jordan-type superstars. Dwight Howard and Steve Nash went to L.A Lakers, Joe Johnson went to Brooklyn Nets to tag-teamed with Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace. And many more examples.

OMG, they are making The Avengers for real. Next season is gonna be wonderful to watch.

Back to my study life, i have find back those guys that i usually ignore or loss contact coz i dont want continue to live alone like usual, whereby everyone look for me because they need something from me, i want to change, i want to change to a person whereby i'll be full of friends whenever i go not just because of  they need something but its they CARE about me, i have to admit, some bastards still treat me like a Supplier rather than a friend. But anyway, i'm finished my study life with them, they teach me a lot of lessons also:

1st:) Dont be a quiter, if you quit, you never win.
I have to say, some of my friends really are quitters, they quit, quit and quit for their whole life. When soemthing important decision need to be done , they quit.Come on, what else do you do in your life then? Sit inside your shell?

2nd) Even you want to be a quitter, stop showing off your loser pattern.
Being quitter is not enough,they have to expressed their thoughts of it. " Oh, i had done my best" " Oh that's hard,its impossible.""Oh, if i had 2nd chance i will do my best also" . My friend, the 2nd chance is always besides you, it just depends on how seriously you prepare for it, you cant just say it without putting effort!

3rd) Be a humble and steady guy, because only endurance can afford handling all those chaos.
Honestly, this inspired me a lot,its like fishing, u need to wait patiently .Beause with patience comes with success. You need to master it only u can learn other things

4th)Be polite because attitude sets your personality
I admit i wasn't that polite as well, but i do be polite when i should be, because it makes me better person that gangsters. Some of us just forget how important it is until one day i heard a complaint from my friend says:" Aiyo~~no need so polite lah , one "thank you" or "excuses me" won't affect a lot lo." My friend, it is the few "thank you" and "excuse me" that you miss that cause you when u asking for favor, nobody give a damn on you. In your face for nobody cares about you.

It is few things that i think is important. Lots more to come, stay tune~
Expendables 2, Worth to watch!
 The L.A Lakers. lol....
The Expendables!!! Nice!!