My simple and adventurous life

My simple and adventurous life

Thursday, January 27, 2011


hey friends, i'm back again.. or so what r u all recently? i know some of u finished foundation or what so ever ( YA, i'm talking to u2 : SHYUAN and DAPHNE) I know some of u very free right now (PHAI, is u...when yam cha?).And some of u still struggling to get good grades ( LEMON and my CUTEdemon ,N7 how would i forget u2...)So let me get this straight: what ever u doing right now,pls put more effort ya..coz CNY is around the corner and u all will get PAID (talking bout ANGPAU!!)

OK, trashtalk time over, time for some serious stuff,

how am i ? as usual...if u dint take 'right finger cant move' and "my back is hurt" as a matter..

where am i now ? Seremban but will back my lovely hometown Alor Star,Kedah during CNY so.....folks, sorry to tell u'all that U CANT GET ANGPAU FROM MY HOUSE!! lol..

hows your college ? sucks,terrible,awful..

hows your life? full of enjoyment and sadness, hey,its normal...

got gf? are u kidding me? i forgotten...ask N7,she now can be said as "controling my miserable life..." huhu....

ok..thats all for now.for more information..keep waiting for top news.. adius!!!