My simple and adventurous life

My simple and adventurous life

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM results...

Wahaha ! Today is the SPM result day !!!! ( Can't believe i still laughing ) . Saw many people very excited and worry, wonder why,why they don't just " HAPPY GO LUCKY " like CRAZY man...then the world will always happy forever and ever...... wahahahahahahahahaah!

Today is little bit of tired , coz have to took mama go hospital. Just to BOOK a date to do treatment.But all the workers they like turtle. Work very slow i stay there for almost 2 hours.!(8,30a.m~1015a.m )come on ! work faster a bit then they will be lesser people die!!!!!!! Make me feels so sleepy..

And then situation worst ..............

My mama wants to go Bank too!!! but she din't tell me...HAIZ..OLD i have too drive fast, langgar some red light(almost ) and arrive the bank at 10.30. when she finish her work is almost 11 already..So, i drive very fast again , arrive the school at 11. I though that the result come out already... but LEMON SAID:"BELUM LAGI" WHAT THE ................

Then, my mama wants to go back working. So without any choice, i had to bring her back and come back again......and by the time i back to school, is 12.12 already.. all person get inside already, no 1 wait for me..

So, with very curious about my result , i ran into school, saw many person with different faces, some are cry, some were smiling..that makes me wanna too shouting..and by the time my the call my name , i think is my time to die....

i going towards the table , saw a result paper , with many E's, i feel like i want to cry...coz i think thats mine.then i saw it took by some1, then i just realise that is not mine....haiz..what the hell!

Then i saw mine ( REAL ) , i saw:BM :B+

the results seems too shock to me , espiacially akaun coz .. I ALWAYS FAIL........



Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'M back! but not for long........

Wao! It has being a long time since i "FORGET " to upload my blog.......Sorry guys....

OK! since i just come back, i have no idea what to wote something that will maybe be last post: SPM result and my life after school.

My life after school is kind of......................SAME ! everyday woke up aqt 7.50 a.m .Eat ,shower and play computer for a while and go for work ACCUARATELY at 9a.m! after that back to home to eat lunch at before1.30p.m go back working after 2 and working until 7p.m. DAMN....can't belive i have CONTINUE doing this process for 3 months. This is more BORED that study, at least i have many folks to chit-chat at school!!!! here, only have some FOREIGN WORKERS who always talking BROKEN ENGLISH to me ...haiz..

3 months, is very fast since us leave the school ,now still miss everyday woke up early to go to school , met my PIG FRIENDS, see how teacher scold students.. haiz.... nowadays i still woke up at 6 am ,to see th school bus going through in front of my house, then continue sleeping (CRAZY OYSTER ! ) feel that i still a students , not an adult .....everytime i wake up, wish that i'm still dreaming , become a students,but what i see is :breakfast brought by mother with a note "DON'T FORGET TO WORK" .

Sometimes i think: why don't just die ? is better. at least no need to think what should do, what should't .....

ok, thats all coz idon't know what to write anymore...