My simple and adventurous life

My simple and adventurous life

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


LOLZ.... finally after spending 1 week at seremban, finally come back KL work already. Damn i should come back early..

I worked as a part time staff at Adidas KLCC ( lolz.. my dream finally come true ). To work with the sport brand i admire most, this is a chance to learn new stuff. ( Maybe thats the MOTIVATION i accept Rm70 per day,wake up early in the morning, stuck inside LRT and many more. Dafuq!)

1st day.. (3-9-2012, Monday)
They said the 1st step is very hard, well i never belief it until i experienced it myself, i arrived in the outlet exactly 10am but due to affraid, i stay at 10 minutes  outside and called the "Middle man" (i worked for adidas, but instead my salary was issued by a thrid party named "Kelly Service") after all the problem is set and done. it just went normal till i go lunch during 2pm, however somehow i struggle until 4pm only resume work because need to interview at Kelly Service HQ ( their HQ is at opposite pavilion and i have to walk from KLCC .lolz~~) And the funniest thing is, i thougth that i should worked until 10pm like the advertisement said. but instead the outlet leader request me to go back early because i no need to work that long!! ( part timer only work 8hours per,day.Now i knew that . zzzz)

My Name tag.huhu~~ oyster~~

2nd day..(4-9-2012,Tuesday)
Met those stuff that take off on Monday, finally saw 1 staff which is good in sales. Imagine he sold 40 goods in 1 day !! fullamak!! Met anothet chinece part-timer also named Danny.Met a funny case as well: a female customer holding a sport bra and ask me :" Excuse me, but what size should i wear in this ? " er... body check 1st perhaps? :P

3rd day..(5-9-2012,Wednesday)

Today had a superstar visited the shop, named Lil Jon. he's an American rapper, maybe came Malaysia for Adidas event, whoa, he is so important that event the Malaysia Adidas Managing Director and Marketing Director also accompany him !!! But i dint took a photo with him, what a shame..

Thats Lil Jon, he also do a remix for song: Oppa KL style!

4th day..( 6-9-2012, thursday..)
Today stock in for the outlet, have to move in the new goods to the store room, damn! its a lot! 12 cartons! tired~~

5th day..(7-9-2012, Friday)
Something bad happened in the outlet today, one of the customer fight with the staff today just because there's no discount for any goods. Although i usually heard from the people that "Customer is always right", but please imagine yourself: ''a customer that tries us up to 7-9 garments, from jackets to shoes to shirts and shorts, other stuff were busy fold the garment he tried and he keeps on trying, and when he heard that no discount he just tossed the shirt to the ground like rubbish, what if the shirt is dirty and can't be sold, can he responsible for that??" So one of the staff quickly took the garment and fold it in counter, but maybe because he accidently speak something that hurts the customer feeling, thus the customer slaps back course the staff hit back him also; but we managed to separate both of them before anything can go worst.

6th day..(9-9-2012 Sunday)
Today work evening shift, form 1pm - 1O, kinda tired if you never worked in this hour before, your life just turn upside down. However the sales is very good. Some rich customer wiling spent lots of RM to buy garments.

Work till shop Closed !!

second week will update soon~~

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