My simple and adventurous life

My simple and adventurous life

Saturday, July 17, 2010

welcome back.

Yo every 1. its me oyster again in the blog...

Haiz. so long din't update the blog until i forgotten , until being INFORM by strawberry just now . TQ! ( BUT DON'T EXPECT ME GIVE U THE WAGE... )

Haiz, where should i started from? ok! From the day i enter the college! i study at TARC right now, study BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( SOME KIND OF MANAGEMENT) . Met many new friends, all were handsome guy and pretty ladies. Unlike me the " OTAKU IN SPORTS " but still found some person who really know how to play it, hmm............ looks like i can learn some skils from them.!

Haiz, the subject is almost silmilar what i learnt during secondary school. except 2 things :
1) in english
2) i become better in account, no more FAIL!!!!

Haiz, meanwhile..... i stayed with my big bro in a apartment , i just realised 1 thing: he din't wash the " LANGSIR " for 2 years.... haiz................the housemates all very kind and easy to get through, maybe i'm too friendly with that.. no show off...

Haiz. the life at here almost same as last few years: study at morning, BASKETBALL-ING in the evening.

Gotta go now. will have PART 2 in few more months..


  1. Finally~~i guess ur coming post will b ''my convocation''~~~u''ll oni update it after 3 yrs~~lolzzzzzz

  2. Finally!!! Welcome back ah.. Blog more often la. ^^

  3. to exuan : ==
    to shyuan : okok.